My good friend Ivo Bove (a world Traveler) has these.

Product: KEEN Men’s Newport H2
Price: $39.98 – $133.18
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Available Sizes: 7D (M) to 17D (M)
Material: All man-made
My overall Rating: 9.5 out of a possible 10

As some of you might already know, I have been traveling for almost 15 months now. You might also know that I travel via Motorcycle. Therefore have limited space and weight to carry along on my journey so I need to choose well anything I take with me. I have most everything I need for all types of weather and conditions for an extended journey that may very well last a year or so. Shirts, slacks, shorts, hats, shades, jacket, rain gear, boots, running shoes, tools, spare parts, etc. I make it a point to always choose the best of whatever it is that I need and as far as sandals, the KEEN Men’s Newport H2 fit that description. I cannot afford to be stranded with faulty gear or equipment since there might not be an easy way to replace whatever it is that I need, not having the room to carry a spare.

These are not cheap sandals. But the versatility, comfort and durability make them well worth it.

I have done several other motorcycle trips as long as 8 weeks long. I have used other sandals and have had to replace them only after a few weeks. I am very active and like to be comfortable. I like to use sandals as my all-purpose footwear almost everywhere I go. I have had similar-looking sandals that just have not stand the test of time. While walking through mud, rain and/or rocky terrain they have left me stranded. They have either come apart or have taken too long to dry and therefore would not be able to use them for a few days.

Do not be fooled by the term “sandals”.

This all-purpose footwear has very few limitations. Take them everywhere around town, short and medium length hikes, walks of the beach, cross streams even walk up steep rocky climbs like hiking up Machupicchu from the nearby town of Aguas Calientes, Peru. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 are great for wet, muddy, rocky and slippery surfaces and will outlast and outperform most all your other footwear. I use them for all occasions except for running, riding my motorcycle or on long distance hikes such as trekking. I like to keep my feet dry and warm if I am going to walk for long periods of time and sandals no matter how good they happen to be will not quite do the job.

Cleaning and drying is a breeze.

The KEEN Men’s Newport H2 are made from all man-made material and therefore extremely durable and dry quickly. I for example have been wearing them on a daily basis for 14+ months while on my current trip. Even though they are synthetic they still do seem to get a “funk”, typical of all footwear. I personally clean them by throwing them in the washing machine and setting them out to dry just like I do my laundry while traveling.

They are the top choice for many people around the world.

While on this trip I have met travelers from all over the world wearing KEEN Men’s Newport H2. Like me, most travelers are limited by luggage space and weight. You see them carrying and wearing very few clothing and footwear but you can be assured these few items are of top quality for the purpose they are made for. On more than one occasion these sandals have been a topic of conversation with travelers I happened to meet along the way, letting me know how much he/she loves them.

I’m SOLD!!!

my keen

The ones I own!

I am definitely sold on the KEEN Men’s Newport H2 and am living proof of their quality as I have been wearing them on a daily basis for the duration of my trip. I can say that they are so durable that I expect to continue wearing the same pair for another year or two before having to replace them for a new pair. I have not seen them in stores and since I am an online shopper I would repurchase them online when the time comes. I got mine on but if you find a better deal please do not hesitate to let me know.

If you have any questions or would like to leave your own review about KEEN Men’s Newport H2 please feel free to leave a comment below.

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