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So, you don`t have several thousands of dollars sitting in the bank, you don`t have rich relatives who will fork out the bill for your dreams of an RTW trip and that real estate seminar about getting rich overnight is just not quite working out as you had planned. So time is passing by and as a result, you have put those dreams on the back burner. And therefore you are starting to think that those dreams of around the world journey will always be a dream and nothing else.

Well, it has been my experience that most ¨travelers¨ have had those same thoughts. Many had put off their travel goals due to financial reasons. After all, they do say that ¨money makes the world go around¨ Lack of money sure can be a dream dampener to any goal whether travel goals or any goals for that matter. But I am happy to share that this too is an obstacle that has been overcome by thousands of travelers worldwide. I will give you a list of 12 ways that travelers have managed to not only come up with the needed cash to prepare for the journey but ways in which many of them are currently paying for all travel expenses and continue to do so for months and even YEARS! Are you ready for a surprise? And keep in mind these are just a few of the ways us “travel FREAKS” come up with the needed cash in order to continue the venture of exploring our PLANET EARTH month after month, years after year;buget1


Teach a Language Teach Any Language – English isn’t the only language people want to learn. Speak French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic or anything else? Look for jobs or set up your own classes by advertising at universities or popular hangouts such as cafes or hostels. They will rarely turn down the opportunity of increasing the traffic to their business.


Works at a Hostel– Many Hostels around the world are constantly seeking ¨cash strapped¨ adventurers` for a helping hand. The deal can be whatever you negotiate but it is common to get housing , food and in many cases even some cash in exchange for a few hours of work. Duties may include house cleaning, food preparation or administrative work. hostal


Sell Timeshares – For those born salespeople, head to Mexico, Greece, Thailand, the Caribbean Islands or any other common resort area. The Timeshare business is booming in these places and the money is great! These resorts are constantly looking for salespeople who can relate to their prospects, so they prefer to have Italians selling to Italians, Americans selling to Americans and so on. Even though at the time I was not traveling but while getting my business going in California several years back I sold timeshare and can honestly say the potential for income is awesome.


Sell stuff online – Do you have things that you have not gotten rid of and you consider too valuable to give away? Have you done handcrafts and never had a chance to sell them? You can shop on e-bay, craigslist or amazon for bulk Items and set up a website and turn those items into a profit. When I was back home, on several occasions I purchased TREK bicycles in January off craigslist and re-listed them in the summer in the SAME site, for a profit! Success depends on you and your willingness to learn. Even a few sales per week can keep you going on that travel journey.

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Affiliate Marketing – It`s definitely possible to make money this way even if the competition is high. If you are willing to take the time to research and you are teachable enough, with some patience you can realistically earn yourself a nice paycheck without the need of a REAL job or even an office.

You might want to check out Libertagia, it´s a site where you get paid to look at ads or market payoneer where you offer non-U.S. citizens the opportunity to open an account in a U.S. bank, receive an ATM card to withdraw cash or use it as a credit card anywhere in the world.  They pay $25 per sign-up!


Day Trading – Although I do not have any personal experience in this field, I have met and even rented office space to a guy who did quite well in this industry. Again, if this is something you are interested in it might take some training but it is well worth it. It`s something you can do while traveling and all you need it to have a computer and internet access. The world is your workplace!


Haircuts – Ask first! But put a sign in a few popular Hostels. I know a girl in Ecuador who would do this and make as much as $60-75/day. This will take you a long way in most South American countries and you might not even need a cosmetology license! Just make sure you have at least average hair-cutting skills.haircut


Volunteer work – In most cases, you will not get a paycheck but getting free room and board is just like getting money! Here are two great sites to find this kind of work;,, or several more available if you do a search online. You don’t have to spend a lot of money with large global operations in order to volunteer as there are local organizations in every country that would love to have you. bartender


Bartending – I myself cannot tell the difference between a martini and a rum and coke, I’m just not much of a drinker. But if listening to sob stories while mixing those fancy drinks is something you are good at, stay at a place for a little while and earn some good ¨under the table¨ cash. You will make some great contacts and while you are at it, you`ll line up your pockets for some leisurely travel for a month or two. If you can hook up with a bar connected to a Hostel you would have a good shot of getting free lodging as well.


Sell at Local Markets – There are markets in most places where foreigners can rent a stall and sell whatever you know how to make. I have seen Brits selling baked goods, Argentines selling bracelets, Scottish selling organic juices, Colombians selling mixed drinks, anything and everything you can make you can sell. Keep in mind that the prices will be according to the country and or location you happen to be in. Also, you can import items from inexpensive places like china, India or even sell handmade craft and artwork made by the locals who prefer not to do any selling. The opportunities are endless.


Website Design – Do you know how to build websites? Start your own business and search for clients through family & friends via social media online. Are you staying at a hostel and notice they have a crappy website? Offer to do a complete overhaul of their site for $50-$75. You might even get a few hundred dollars for a completely new one. Find a good online affiliate school and get the FREE training you need.


Photography – I myself am not a skilled photographer , but I have met several travelers who supplement their income by taking pictures photgrapherand selling them. You could set up your own ‘shop’ on sites such as, and you could sell your photos to a variety of travel magazines or to companies that have stock photography collections like dollar photo club, image shack or I stock photo.

This is just a very short list of ways to finance your journey. Also, you can look into some interesting books regarding ways to pay for your journey and thus eliminate the ¨no cash¨ excuse.

Please comment on this post and or input your information on ways to finance an extended trip.  Your comments are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Keith

    I like this website. I have a suggestion: under Travel and Money proof read your “affiliate marketing” section. There are several mistakes in spelling ( for example, patients instead of patience ). Use patience. Either do it yourself, or ask members to do it for you. You do want to look professional, don’t you?

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