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Hello and thank you for your attention and your possible interest in sponsorship. I greatly appreciate you reading entirely and pass along to anyone who you think might benefit.

On July 5, 2013 I set off to a journey to South America on my KLR 650 for a 6 months ordeal. The plan: To leave San Antonio, Texas via Piedras Negras, Cohuila, Mexico head south to the border of Guatemala, get through Central America as quickly as possible, find a boat willing to help me cross the Darien Gap upon arrival in Panama so that I can get to Colombia within 30 days.

Transporting my bike from “Crazy Horse” to the port in Cartagena, Colombia


I made it to Colombia in approximately 2 months and realized there was so much to see that I ended staying about 6 months with a 23 day interruption to visit the country of Venezuela. As the six months came and went I extended the trip for several more months, turning it from six months to a 3 year long journey…so far.

I went on to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile and now I am well into my second year of travel. My name is Greg Ramos, an average 20+ year small business owner who at 49 years of age turned full-time motorcycle traveler…without even realizing it at the time.

Recent TV interview in the country of Argentina

I was well aware even before my trip, that it is not very common in our culture as North Americans to do extensive traveling, via motorcycle or otherwise. U.S. citizens travel very little in comparison to Europeans, South Americans or even Canadians. As a matter of fact, according to CNN Travel, only about 30% of Americans even have passports!

This may be due to several factors which may include the media showing mostly the negative events occurring worldwide, misrepresenting an overall picture of what it is like outside our borders. Another common misconception is that extensive traveling (3 months or more) is virtually financially impossible to do for just about anyone who is not considered “wealthy”

A brief overview of my first 18 months as a Traveler

We need to learn to enjoy the world a little more

Realizing this I decided a good purpose of this trip would be to show anyone that long term travel is indeed quite achievable, proving these misconceptions wrong. My travels involve interacting with the locals and learning about their culture by socializing with the average person/family and living within their communities for 2 to 6 months per every country I visit. I have gathered, by interacting with other travelers, research and personal experience, quite a bit of information on the topic of extensive traveling and I would like to continue sharing information with anyone who can benefit from it.

About Greg

Machupichu, Peru is just one of many wonders of the world

Vilcabamba, Ecuador a small town with one of the largest community of centenarians in the world


New friends in the Amazon in Dureno,Ecuador

In my experience I have realized that most people in most countries have more similarities than differences. We all want a safe place to call home, adequate transportation, tranquility, with time off for leisure and a job or business that pays well enough to finance the lifestyle we choose no matter what country we are from. Of course, languages, religion and culture/custom differences, are never the less present, marking the interesting distinctions from one country to another. But in essence, the idea of having the freedom to live in pursuit of happiness is common in mostly all over the world.

Fear is our biggest enemy


A relative actually asked me if I was traveling with “security” escort. I send him this picture…she’s my girlfriend and travel partner

Unfortunately with all the media hype and misinformation, it is difficult for most North Americans NOT to believe that traveling anywhere abroad on extensive trips involve unusual safety risks, is financially impossible or both . Thus, the extent of our “travels” are reduced to one to three week vacations per year at a resort, timeshare or a cruise ship mainly interacting with other “tourist”, limiting our exposure to the culture of the country we are actually visiting (if we even leave the U.S. at all). Due to this conditioning, most North American never truly experience and/or enjoy living and interacting among other cultures and rarely go on extended trips missing out on all the lifelong benefits that go along with such experience.

Therefore, I have decided to not only to continue with my blog in which I share experiences, pictures and videos of my travels but have created 4travelersonly is a website designed to help turn anyone’s extended travel dreams into reality. It offers ideas related to extensive travels from financial preparation to little known travel saving tips, the best proven travel equipment available for anyone from backpacker to leisure traveler and even ways to find free lodging just about anywhere you go. And I offer all this information absolutely FREE!

Let’s make a deal


Salar Uyuni, Bolivia

I am now kindly asking for travel and health/fitness related businesses (I am a runner and fitness enthusiast), that offer quality products and/or services for anyone from backpackers, bicycle travelers, motorcycle adventures, travelers on personal automobiles, vans or RV’s to please contact me. I invite you to present offers for custom advertising campaigns to promote your business everywhere I go. This may include videos, pictures, stickers or whatever ideals you and/or your marketing team can think of.  All in exchange for needed equipment, gear, accessories and/or financial contributions for my travels as well as costs related to maintaining my site.

Promote your company on my site where I show people ways to travel the world for less!

I greatly appreciated you attention and look forward to partnering with your company for mutual benefit as I continue my journey.





Greg Ramos

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  1. Greg, I’m one of those Americans that hasn’t traveled outside the U.S. I’m one of those people who watch the news and say hell no I aint going there. I know it’s out of pure ignorance and stupidity. I’m going to start making goals to travel. It’s something I want to do before it’s too late.

    I really enjoyed watching the video of the Italian woman who is so courageous to set out and live a life she wants. Isn’t that what life is all about? Thanks for sharing your journey. Keep traveling and enjoying your life. 🙂

    • Thank you for your response Evelyn! We are all somehow “victims” of the media so don’t be so hard on yourself. Nothing gives me the satisfaction like inspiring people to take a long vacation to another country…Cheers!!!

  2. Hi Greg,

    Really enjoyed your article and love hearing about journey’s like yours. It so freeing to be able to pick up and travel.

    Really enjoyed the video. It took me back to several of my trips through Costa Rica and Peru.

    Anyways, great information and travel safe.


  3. Hi Greg,
    This is a really wonderful article!
    I really enjoy the presentation! And the site just feels so full of life!
    I look forward to reading more on your journeys!
    Christa 🙂

  4. Hi Ramos,
    Nice site you have here and I do think it is a very good idea. I hope that you enjoy your trips and having a great time out there.

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