When I decided to do my trip, my top choice was via motorcycle but I did consider other options as well. I thought about a bicycle, a popular option for travel these days, but soon realized that I was not going to get as far considering my original plan was a 6 month trip. Because of the versatility, speed and parking availability options, I opted for a dual purpose motorcycle as my travel vehicle of choice.

After reading many articles on several motorcycle models, the Kawasaki KLR 650 review was the most convincing one of all. This dual sport motorcycle can take you just about anywhere, without taking you to the cleaners.

And these are the top 5 reasons for my choice:

1 This motorcycle has been around since 1987 with very little changes. I guess why fix something that ‘aint broke? And because of those 27 years of production, there are dozens of manufactures of aftermarket parts which build parts specifically for the KLR650. This allows for a huge choice of modifications to this motorcycle. This has allowed me to have performed several modifications to the KLR 650 for the trip, customizing the bike to my specific needs.

2 The KLR 650 is a dual sports bike, also known as an enduro motorcycle. This means that it’s a bike that can easily transition you from a paved road to a dirt road and viscera and respond well while doing so. Due to its ground clearance, good travel suspension and upright position it responds great off road. And because of its good stability, power at freeway speed and ease of handling on the twisty, it also makes a good road bike. You need that versatility on an extended trip like in the one I am currently on.

3 It is rare to find any motorcycle with a 6.1 gal gas tank, significantly larger than most enduro motorcycle models. Since this bike gives you around 50 mpg, it can take you up to about 300 miles (with reserve) before having to stop at the station. In remote locations in some countries, this benefit can be extremely helpful.

4 Based on simple engineering components, it’s basically a relatively easy motorcycle to work on. Whether you need to perform routine maintenance or are forced to do some repairs on your own, the carburetor and lack of many electronic gadgets make it a lot easier to “figure things out”. This is also why it has a very affordable price tag.

5 I could not oversee the ratings either. The KLR 650 was the 2012 top rated dual sport motorcycle. That really helped make up my mind and decide on this great vehicle, as my choice for my extended travel journey. I happened to have purchased the 2012 model and it has lived up to its reputation for close to 17k miles so far!

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    • Hello Loes and thank you for your comment. The Honda Magna is an awesome cruiser it´s just in a differant category. I would not cruise on a KLR 650 of hit the trails on a Magna. It just won´t work…My trip is going very well thanks for asking. I´m in Peru right now and heading to Bolivia next wk. Let´s keep in touch… Best wishes!

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