No visa requirements for U.S. Citizens entering Argentina. Just a Reciprocal Fee prior to allowing entry to their country.

O.K. I get it, the U.S. Immigration Service charges foreigners $160.00 to apply for a visa in order to enter the country…legally. Therefore the Argentinian Govt. charges U.S. citizens the same amount to enter their country. Similar to Argentina who charges what they refer to as a “reciprocal fee”, Bolivia and Brazil also require a fee for U.S. nationals and for your $135.00 (Bolivia fee) and/or $160.00 (Brazil fee) you actually get a visa sealed right onto your the boss

The requirements for a visa are a joke in Bolivia. Back in September I entered Bolivia and was required to “apply” for an entry visa because I am a U.S. citizen. The process took a whole 15 minutes including the 5 to 8 minutes waiting for my change. I answered the immigration officer’s question regarding my country of origin. He immediately asked me to hand him $135.00 so I handed him 2 one hundred U.S dollar bills and he handed me a blank form. He then requested to see my passport.

I still had not gotten my change back and while I was trying to hand him the completed form while he was already placing the visa sticker on my passport. Unlike the Brazilian visa application form I was required to complete and process for my visa at the consulate while in Ecuador which took 5 days and proof of financial ability to travel, there was no waiting period, no proof of travel funds and apparently, no possibility of “visa denial”.

I kind of prefer the upfront honest approach of Argentina

“You charge our citizens to request entry to your country so; we charge your citizens to enter our country”. No beating around the bush, no bogus forms to complete, just calling what it is.Happy

Would it be realistic to eliminate visa requirements for all countries?

I know, I know, some people want to take advantage of free public services offered to low-income people regardless of their nationality…blah…blah …blah.

How about a reasonable deposit required by all countries whenever a non-resident requests entry, where the deposit would be returned upon leaving the country within a reasonable time frame?

I’m curious to know what the opinion of the general public is.

Please state your opinion below, your comments are greatly appreciated!

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