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Seeing people getting ripped off by money hungry peddlers who are just out to make a buck are one of the things I can’t stand.

On a recent trip to the USA, I was approached by a friend who has always been self-employed working with various companies as an independent distributor.  He has dabbled into ventures from water filters to healthy coffee drinks to long distance service, etc.  You name it this guy has sold it all… it at least once.

Now being that I also am an entrepreneur, self-employed, non-employable or whatever-you-want-to-call-me person, I can appreciate innovation and remain always open minded to all these sorts of business models.  I see the fact that there are great services and products out there and network marketing is just another way to get these products to the end consumer while offering an opportunity for people to create a source of income when becoming a distributor/member.

What I will not tolerate is deception in order to sell some of these so-called “miracle” products that claim to do things like make your car 20% more fuel efficient all while adding 15 more horsepower, creams that erase wrinkles better and faster than a plastic surgeon or some pill that is will make you lose 40 pounds in a month while stuffing your face with junk food all day!bartender

My friend happens to be involved with some company that creates a “magic” pill that will actually reverse the aging process!  “It’s all natural” he claims.  Sh&t is NATURAL too, but that does that REALLY mean!?

Let me guess, a pill produced in a lab in Anaheim, California that is more natural than nature?! That’s what many of these companies are saying when coughing up these sales pitches to anyone willing to listen.  My humble opinion of market strategies likes these?…SCAM!

Have we really gotten that desperate for money that are will to flat out lie to our friends and family in order to make a few bucks? Or are we really that naive to buy into this crap?

I have no idea what the heck this all has to do with traveling but I just thought I would post it on my blog anyway.  I guess I just felt like venting today.

Maybe I just feel like reminding anyone reading this that nothing replaces a well-balanced diet along with a regular exercise routine.  Most of us already know or at least have access to information regarding good eating habits, things that we should and should not eat in order to be “healthy”.

As far as exercise I prefer to go out wherever I am at and do a 30 to 90-minute run and maybe follow it by 10 to 15 minutes of stretching and some calisthenics.  On the other hand, my girlfriend prefers to do the “Insanity” workout and also keeps a fairly well-balanced

Either way and whatever your preference, there really is no need for overpriced pills, potions or lotions.  I don’t even care for gyms much other than when I what to hang out with some friends and socialize while wading in a pool or for whatever reason I feel the need to over-sweat in a steam room, which is not very often.

Let’s apply some common sense for the sake of good health and smart personal money management.  Exercise regularly, eat conscientiously and use your brain to avoid getting ripped off by some money hungry company who just want to get a paycheck.

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