Hello everyone, I’m Greg and I have always been fascinated with travel as well as entrepreneurship ever since I was in my teens.

During my college years I would choose a job that would allow me to take time off for a trip somewhere.  I needed to pay my way through college somehow.  Needless to say I would always end up About Gregin some kind of sales job.

Those would be the only jobs I was offered since I wanted the flexibility of being my “own boss” , similar to having your own business and that way I could travel.  But I was way too broke to start a business of my own. I was always so eager to take an extended vacations that I wanted to make sure I had the flexibility to do so, but I rarely had the money or the time.

 I eventually ventured into my own business right after completing college (let’s not discuss my grade point average I was happy to just graduate) and that was the platform that lead me into a passive income mentality.  That form of thinking after several years, eventually allowed me begin the lifestyle of travel I now enjoy.

 The reason I am creating this website is to help people like yourself realize there dreams of traveling for prolong periods of time and not go broke,  loose any of your assets or jeopardize your health while doing so.  In fact you will discover that you can actually increase your spending power, create assets and improve your health all while enjoying a prolong travel journey of several months to several years.  To do this I will share my experiences I have had in my personal travels including my current journey of 34 months so far which I currently find myself in.

You learn from my mistakes of trial and error everything related to travel from preparation, ways to finance the expenses while on the road, substantial money saving tips, etc.  You will discover that whether you are a loner, enjoy traveling with your partner or you have a few kids tag along, there are different ways to travel that fits just about any ones needs.

So now, my journey to my traveling lifestyle…

I began my trip at the age of 49 and although at this stage of my life I suspect I am no longer considered a “spring chicken”, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration I’m suppose to be at some kind of job or business showing up to work everyday for another 15 to 17 years before I can do what I am currently doing right now. Although I maintain an income that might allow me to travel for an indefinite period or time, (34 months so far and no plans to stop) I’m definitely not making millions or even the income of a well establish medical Dr. or attorney. But in my life experience I have discovered that although having money is great, having more money does not equate to having more happiness.

It is my humble opinion that if you are not happy because you are not living or at least working towards creating the life of your dreams whether it be to travel or whatever other en-devour, you are wasting precious time.  We only have one life to live so make it as enjoyable as you can.  It is my greatest wish that you find in this site some information that will somehow inspire you, teach you or guide to a source of information that will help make it possible for you to take the necessary steps into beginning your journey of extended travel you have been wanting.Do More of what makes you happy

Also, if  you ever need any feedback or opinion on travel tips you find on this or any other information source please feel free to leave a comment and I will be happy to share my thoughts based on my experience and the experience of other travelers I meet along the way.  And make sure you visit this site regularly since I will often add information as well as receive comment from other travelers who are eager to share their knowledge as well.

Anyways, I wish you all the very best on your travel journey or your plans to do so and thank you all very much for stopping by.

Bon voyage,


Founder of 4 Travelers Only

e-mail: greg@4travelersonly.com

17 comments on “About Greg

  1. Hey Greg – I love what you are doing. I’m doing something similar myself but for women who are a little scared to take the plunge… look forward to following your progress….!

  2. Greg es uno de mis ejemplos a seguir, desde que lo conocí me intrigo el viajar en motocicleta, al pasar las semanas veía su travesía lo cual era para mi una super aventura, ahora empece a viajar en moto desde hace 7 meses viviendo esa aventura y estoy muy agradecido por haber conocido personas como greg 🙂 espero alcanzarlo pronto

    “Greg is one of my role models since I met him I was intrigued by his traveling by motorcycle, as the weeks went by I saw his journey which to me was a super adventure, now I travel by motorcycle for 7 months now living that adventure and I am very grateful to have met people like greg 🙂 I hope to reach him soon”

  3. Greg, good to talk to you on La Paz/ Miami flight, only wish we had started sooner in the nine hours. You really inspired me to buy a motorcycle, even at my late age- It has always been a yearning for me, and South America is built for bikes. Who knows, I might see you at the at Punta Arenas next year?

    • Hello Graig!

      What a present surprise to find a comment like this on my site!. If I can inspire just one person to follow their dream of traveling it will all be worth it. Hope to see you soon in California.

  4. Great article although I don´t buy the we only live once bit I do concur that we shouldn´t waste time and defer what drives us and what we are passionate about to a later date. You are an inspiration to all those that come into contact with you Greg! Just like Gandhi said – ¨Be the change you wish to see in the world.¨ People follow by example and you are setting a great one!

    • Thank you for your comments Ivo you are too kind. I will be in your location soon, like as in tomorrow. Did you see the review on the Keens? I made a comment about you.

      See you soon!

  5. Brilliant informative travelogue.

    I like the discrete hyperlink adverts.


    You must have an outstanding photo scenic album that could replace your single banner photo. WordPress offer this.

    An upbeat music theme or songs would keep people looking longer.


    There is no video loaded where you have the widget waiting.

    You could add many more videos, particularly of Argentina where you seem to be now with that “Spot me” superb site.

    Well done and continue your very interesting and valuable journey.

    Mike Barker MBE

  6. You are very kind to have taken the time and given me such great advice. I will be working on the site (internet permitting) and make some changes some including some of your suggestions. Thank you very much!!!

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