I meet a lot of people during my travels and many times people are curious to know things about me. I get asked most often questions like: Where are you from? Where do you live? What do you do?

Everyone has interesting stories about their life and I thought I would share a glimpse of mine.

10 things you did not know about meplaces

1)       I was born in the South Bronx

I come from very humble beginnings, to say the least. But hey there have been some great celebrities who were also born there. Billy Joel, Tracy Morgan, Cuba Goodings Jr., Tony Curtis, Kevin Corrigan, Jennifer Lopez and a whole bunch of other famous people were all born in the Bronx so, maybe I still have a chance at stardom?! (Yea right…dream on Greg)

I moved with my family to Puerto Rico when I was 9 so don’t ask me anything about NYC, I really know very little about the place.

2)      I served in the US Navy

I know it’s hard to believe for those who know me that I at one time I was in the military. I signed up when I was 17 and went in at 18. Even before joining, my intentions were to stay ‘til retirement, you know, stay for 20 and get a 50% pay or so… Well, before even finishing “boot camp” I realized that a “military life” was not for me.places3

I completed my 4-year enlistment contract and soon realized I am not wired for a civilian “job” either. I’m basically unemployable and have been ever since.

3)      I’ m too dumb for College

That thought had always been my mind ever since I could remember and the main reason I joined the service right out of high school. The thought of actually taking a college entry test didn’t even cross my mind as a teenager.places2

4)      I actually graduated but never got a “job

Immediately after the service I went to a Junior College and then later transferred to California State University, Fullerton and graduated in 1991 but never got a real job.

Let’s not talk about grade point average…PLEASE!

5)      I was a “volunteer” college athlete

Most college athletes get paid to perform their sport in college. They have their tuition waived and get an allowance towards expenses related to going to college…not me. runner

Although I was offered a scholarship at two colleges in two different states, I turned both of them down. One was a small Division III Christian college in San Diego, CA, and the other was a Division II University of Miami, “FIU”, but I chose a Division I School instead.

My preference was to be a “small fish in the ocean” vs. a “big fish in a pond”. I ran track and x-country at CSU, Fullerton but was not good enough to get a scholarship at that level.GE

6)   I might not be as dumb as I look

Several years after graduating from college I took an I.Q. test. I scored a 121! Not that this really means anything but since I actually DO have some “Gray Matter” there might still be some hope for me… Yey!!!

7)      I have broken several bones in several parts of my body

At the age of 13 during a brief period as a “Boxer trainee” I fractured several metatarsals on both of my hands (I found out about these fractures later in life). At 14 I broke my right clavicle falling off aplaces1 skateboard while rolling downhill while doing a handstand…yes while on the skateboard. (I think that had something to do with me believing that I was dumb!?) I fractured a rib falling off the parallel bars at age 15, fractured my jaw during a karate tournament at 17, and both of my ankles at 19 in a motorcycle accident while a passenger on a bike.  Also at age 35 a compressed lower disk while para-sailing in Indonesia.

8)      I played jury foreman on the Jones & Jury Show

While getting my real estate business going I would work as a movie “extra” on several gigs in Los Angeles. While on a Jones & Jury Show I was on during the judgesummer of 1995, I was asked to play jury foreman.

The show consisted of actual small claims cases that were televised and made into a show.The actress Star Jones, who is also an attorney in real life, was the Judge… “Has the jury reached a verdict?” and the foreman stands up and acts the part.

The show was never part of “Screen Actors Guild”, so I never got my SAG card and therefore never got paid the minimum wage of $600/day the union actors got at that time.

9)      I have had a California Real Estate Broker license for 22 years now

Although I no longer represent clients on Real Estate transactions I am still licensed and had been since 1993. I was the Broker/Owner of Acropolis Mortgage in California for 17 years. I keep my license current as a financial safety net.place5

10)      No…I am NOT retired!

I work and I work hard, at times 8 to 12 hours in a day…when I actually do feel like working     ;-). Yes, I work while I travel but not in the same way most people do.i need a vacation

In addition to renting my house and owning some rental property, I am also an Affiliate Marketer. What the heck is that?! Might you ask? In a nutshell, it’s a way of getting companies to advertise on your blog, website, YouTube videos, etc. You basically get paid to promote products and services on any internet site you own, control or partly control.

Just like any other venture, it takes time and work but the results show with time. I have been self-employed 90% of my adult life so I just see it as any other business. There are only a few legitimate companies out there that you can learn from but based on my experience, Wealthy Affiliate University has been my favorite for almost a year now.

There you have it, a glimpse of my life story…

Any comments and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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